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About Founder

Producer, director, and writer Eng. Adel Jumaa Alhallawi is looking to promote the concept of filmmaking, which he has always dreamed of leaving his distinctive mark on, and for cinema to be a source of awareness, culture, and purposeful entertainment. Therefore, he established ARTHUR Art Productions, with an exceptional vision and a clear message


ArtHub Art Production is a leading establishment based in Abu Dhabi, established in 2010 in the field of filmmaking, cinema, and media content production in cooperation and coordination at the local, Arab region, and the world. The establishment is characterized by its infrastructure and sufficient resources to write success stories and create a new line in artwork, in addition to its extensive relations with public and private entities and concerned parties to facilitate logistic support and obtain the necessary permissions and authorizations required for the media content industry in the United Arab Emirates.


To serve as a platform and tool for the development of the artistic and media content industry and to promote the inculcation of values and principles of awareness and culture within the artist sphere and for recipients of materia

Our Vision

Through its vision, the foundation aspires to achieve a position of prominence in the media and art content industry to become a Centre for global humanistic art ;it is the role that every institution that is aware of the social responsibility in the field should embrace at the local, regional and international levels

Our Mission

We seek to provide innovative and industry-leading solutions to provide anyone or organization with the appropriate ways to create professional art and media material that befits the sense and contributes to the promotion of their human values. The company seeks to fulfill this mission by embracing insight and premium professional services to its customers

Our Values

Content integrity - Courage in the presentation - Purposeful content - Honesty and a sense of social responsibility - Worthy of trust